What features are you working on?

Hello Plasmic, may I ask what are the features you are working on?

I cam see Plasmic add some basic AntD components.
Another question is that will Plasmic become a drag and drop builder like webflow, or allow users to insert their code and show them in studio?

That is one focus - to make it easier to use common code components. The way to add arbitrary snippets of code for now is to use custom code components. What are you looking for re: “drag and drop builder like webflow”?

Here is what I want from Plasmic.
1.Install any package and insert the code in page level component easily.
2.Developers can set the height and width of these inerted component, and then can drag and move them to any place in the page.
That is all I want from Plasmic.

I think build-in components have their limits.
Many UI libs have good examples which are enough to use the code instantly.
It will be awesome if Plasmic allows us to copy and paste the code in studio.

Just insert components and then drag and move them to any place would be awesome.