What is the pricing model for using Plasmic codegen?

:wave: Hi everyone!

I’m looking around at options to speed up my small dev team’s productivity. And ease the handoff process between the designer and the dev. I’d like to use Plasmic (Studio, I think?) to export react code for my projects. Can anyone help me determine the pricing model for that? I don’t want to host with Plasmic, I just want to design in the plasmic interface, and get the react code from that. Is something like that possible with Plasmic?

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

@incomparable_cattle Plasmic has a codegen functionality, that enables you to pull your code the plasmic repository. After that you can self-host your React components without any relationship whatsoever with Plasmic. As for the pricing Model, I only have access to the free version of Plasmic. Can’t help with that. Da’svedanye!

Thank you very much!

That’s right; if you’re doing codegen, you can stay on the free tier until you need more collaborators

Your platform is AMAZING. Mad props! Thank you!