What is "this file" in the default homepage in create-plasmic-app?

Where is this file located?

Hi @empirical_halibut, that’s the file pages/index.tsx

@yang I didn’t use Next, is it at /App.tsx?

Ah yes, then that sounds right!

@yang so would I delete the /App.tsx or replace it with something else?

You can just modify App.tsx to be whatever you’d like it to be, replacing the placeholder content there

@chungwu How do I make it the root file that I have in plasmic Studio?

Are you using plain react? It doesn’t come with a routing framework, but if you are using react-router, then the following should be able to auto load all plasmic pages at the correct routes:


@yang I got this error when using the get started example Creating an optimized production build...
Failed to compile.

Line 33:62: Unexpected use of 'location' no-restricted-globals
Line 47:39: Unexpected use of 'location' no-restricted-globals

I was able to fix the error with this. /* eslint-disable no-restricted-globals */