What's the correct publishing flow for multiple teams?

What’s the correct publishing flow for multiple teams? if 3 teams are working on different pages - how do they keep from publishing eachother’s mid-stream work?

we have a similar situation

one way we’ve found to get around this is to use an underscore to name the pages that are under work

this prevents them from being published

do you rename them or duplicate?

rename it to have the underscore as a prefix until it’s ready

when you’re ready to publish, rename it and remove the underscore


i see - i’ve used this though if you’re making changes to an existing page - if you add underscore would it remove it from being published?

My team is using multiple projects and adding them all to our codebase. That way people are able to publish whenever they want without having to worry about other projects

@efficient_pelican also possible to duplicate the page, then add underscore, and make changes, and when ready, remove the underscore and delete the original page you duplicated from.

We know these workflows can be much better! :grimacing: