What's the workflow to switch between localhost and production app host URL?

I’m using PlasmicLoader with Next.js and need to know how best to deal with Project config workflow for localhost and Vercel?

Currently I either:

  1. Toggle the configured host between Localhost and Vercel
  2. Duplicate the project and set one to Localhost and one to Vercel?
    Is this where Branching on the Enterprise licence comes in?

Branching is more for concurrent in-studio changes, for iterating on code components locally, we recommend: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/app-host-dev-workflow/

But I’m adding pages @yang and only have a catchall. Should I be moving to codegen?

Seems I’m doing what the docs say
“Make a temporary (throw-away) clone of your main Plasmic project, setting its host URL once again to <http://localhost:3000/plasmic-host>"

@political_magpie You should already be set with the clone + setting to localhost! No need to move to codegen, the doc applies regardless of which of loader/codegen you use