When can we expect Remix codegen a la Next.js?

When can we expect the Remix CodeGen similar to Nextjs where it automatically generate pages for us?

Hi Asim, Remix is quite new. They are from react-router team. When we choose a framework, safety and stability are very important.

Hi @disappointed_gecko,
Yeah, it’s relatively new in the community but the more we use it the quickly it get stabilize itself. If we encounter any bugs we can let the Remix team know about it.

Apart from that, it offers some exciting features and developer experience that’s worth it, if you are starting new project, IMO.

I don’t know how we can justify that point?

We are using their developed libraries for years. React Router is the go to routing library in plain react applications.

Remix still needs lots of improvement just like Plasmic. I used NuxtJS 2 in 2018. At that time, it was almost the only SSR framework for VueJS. But it had some conflictions with other packages and when you report a bug, you have nothing to do except waiting for their update.

Can you give an example of something being missing in Remix that’s a blockage for your application considering we are developing a new project?

Hi Asim, I said it may have some issues, not must have some issues.