When will Next.js 14 with App router be fully supported?

Is there an update on when Next.js 14’s App directory will be fully supported? We are looking into using Plasmic with our Next app which has been upgraded to 14 using the app directory. I checked a previous post about support with the app directory but that was about a year ago. Are there updates?

We have a beta version of Next.js app router support documented here: Get started with Next.js | Learn Plasmic

It’s still in beta and the basics work, but it lacks some features, such as the ability to pre-fetch data in nested components via extractPlasmicQueryData.

We’ve been working on fixing that and are actually looking for volunteers to test a new version of app router support. See this Slack thread for more details: Slack

If you aren’t in the Slack community yet, you can join via this link.

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