Where is postgres password stored?

When users are using my app, where is the postgres password stored for Integrations feature? I’m using codegen mode so I’m guessing it will be stored somewhere in the bundled js in the browser? Would Headless API mode change that?

Secrets are stored only on Plasmic server, and requests are proxied via Plasmic servers, so no credentials are in the bundled js

I see. So if I’m using using plasmic in codegen mode and plasmic servers for some reason are down, that portion of my app won’t work?

We’ll also be releasing a self hosted backend so you can run this piece yourself for no dependency on Plasmic

Very cool, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

So the Studio itself will also be self-hosted?

These are separate, since users shouldn’t need to deploy all of Studio (which would be very complex) just to run an data backend for their app