Where is the CodeSandbox extension?

Guys when I saw plasmic on Youtube, there was a codesandbox extension in plasmic. Now I can’t see it, and I can’t see preview code.

Hi Muhammed! I’m sorry Codesandbox extension is currently not enabled, but you can easily see the code in a GitHub repository by hitting Publish in the top-right, connecting your GitHub account, choosing to create a new repository using “mode: codegen”, and publishing the project.

Thank you Tiago. One more question. I have multiple designs that I need to code. Does it make sense to do all of them one by one, or transfer them all to plasmic and get the code from there through a single repo?

If you’re doing multiple sites or apps, it’s better to create different projects in Plasmic attached to different repositories on GitHub. If you have only one, the names can conflict (for example, you can have pages using the same path or components with the same name).