Where to set aspect-ratio on a CSS element?

trying to figure out where to set aspect-ratio on an element in css - is there anywhere to set arbitrary css?

Yes! You can set arbitrary css adding the custom embed css package to your project.
After adding it, a css editor will be available on the left pane in the project settings tab for you.

oh I see - no i mean css attributes on a specific element in the sidebar. set any arbitrary css attributes

how builder.io does it

Thanks for the feedback @efficient_pelican - not supported yet but have relayed this to the team. Please keep it coming.

For now, the best approach is to define classes as Samuel mentioned and tag your elements with those classes.

This is ultimately the most powerful/scalable approach, since:

  1. You can define arbitrary selectors, such as :hover , media queries, etc.
  2. You can make use of arbitrary CSS syntax, such as custom properties
  3. You define these once and just tag them by name. You can later even update these centrally.
    So in this case I would define something like .standard-aspect-ratio and add that class wherever you want it.