White page with "$queries is not defined" error.

I have a component that was created from a section in a page that had a state loading the results of a page data query. Several elements in that section refer to the state for their content/values. After converting the section into a component, the state became a prop with the same name and everything seemed to work fine in the Editor. However, when previewing, I get a white page with the error $queries is not defined.

The thing is, I cannot find any reference to any queries inside the component. All elements point to a prop and the prop has no default value or preview value.

So the questions are:

  1. Why does it keep a reference to $queries, if it doesn’t seem to be referenced anywhere?
  2. Why does it work in the Editor but not in Preview?

Can you link me the project ID and page? It sounds like a bug, as we try to convert all the usages from $queries to the new prop!

Icaro helped me find a workaround by setting an empty default value for the component prop : {}, which no longer caused the error in Preview. Thanks! :beers: