White screen when trying to import package but don't already have its dependent package imported

What are you trying to do?

I was trying to import the Semantic Project into the Image Project, but I kept getting kicked out and white-screened. After being dumb and doing the same thing several times without it working, I finally realized that I should try importing the Core Project, which the Semantic Project has imported into it and relies on. Once I imported the Core Project in, then I was able to import the Semantic Project.

Really looking for an informative error message at the step when I’m importing the Semantic Project, but the Core Project is required first to be imported instead of getting white-screened.

What are the reproduction steps?

  • Open Image Project when it has no Projects imported
  • Try to just import the Semantic Project
  • Notice that you get white-screened and no error message
  • Then import the Core Project
  • Then import the Semantic Project
    It works!

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