Why can't assign a color token to Plasmic Buttons?

Why I can’t assign a Color Style token to the Plasmic Button? I think it would be consistent, if the style token systems would be natively integrated in the plasmic native components

Hey @prime_gecko! This Color is a variant prop, so it defines other styles, such as border-color, button color when hovering and etc.

But I think this is also a good idea: “Create a meta-prop for tokens and link a style to this prop”. This way, you could apply different tokens for each instance of the component.

I will discuss this idea with the team :blush:

Agreeing - this is the way how I’m understanding your color prop. I’m refering to your built in Style token system together with you’re Default Styles (Screenshot attached). So I’m simply talking about a consistent approach between your Style tokens& Default Styles and applying them on your Plasmic native components. For Default Styles currently only Text is supported, but hopefully this is also getting consistent with the Style token in the future :wink: