Why is localization only available for Growth or Enterprise?

Localization: I absolutely love Plasmic, but I can’t understand why localization is only available in the Growth or Enterprise plan. Why do I have to pay $384 for a pretty basic feature? Any suggetions? How did you tacke localization in your projects?

We used variants for localization which worked okay-ish with a few downsides:
• The variants may accidentally diverge not only with the translated content but also by layout
• It bloats the size of the pages
• Plasmic studio gets even slower because it tries to show all variants

Hi @melodic_lion, the only paid localization feature is the one that integrates with existing localization frameworks, which tends to be something that we have seen is associated as a need for more sophisticated team workflows. That is one of the four approaches to localization mentioned in our docs: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/localization/

I politely disagree, using something like i18next is not really a sophisticated workflow.

Just a quick user feedback. A subscription that costs $4’608 a year, can only be purchased by enterprise organization. And even there I would doubt that this can be used on a team basis. This will only be granted if the whole organization switches to use this software, which is mostly a pretty political and painful process.