Worth looking at FlutterFlow and how they add interactivity

“Can I add logic/behavior to designs in Plasmic Studio, such as what happens when you click on something?”

Currently, all behaviors are instrumented in code—so that includes click/event handlers, etc. For now, we want to ensure the line between what is controlled by Plasmic Studio (presentational) vs. by the developer (logic) is clear. As apps scale, state management can become arbitrarily complex, so the priority is on ensuring a seamless integration with code.

I used FlutterFlow and I am impressed by the ability to even add click behaviors on the components created in their studio. In fact, Plasmic does remind me of FlutterFlow but for websites. Perhaps you guys can examine how they do it?

That’s a great idea and everyone would like to have something similar in Plasmic Studio. IMO, the great thing about Plasmic is it doesn’t restrict us in anyway. The mentioned interactions are not supported directly in Plasmic Studio but the similar idea is possible to achieve through Code Components. For example,

I have been working on an idea to create components that will help designers connect with backend particular Supabase. So user can fetch data from supabase database and directly design with live data within Plasmic Studio.

In general, Plasmic has the potentional and it provides us an opportunity to create code components that solve particular problem and published those code components for the community to use them.

Totally, that’s a great point! Yes code components are a great way to add more functionality and we are working hard on providing more code component features to make that easier for you.

We are also working on new features to make interactions more built-into the studio. More to share soon!