Announcing react-table for Plasmic

Hey Everyone,
I have been working on creating a Table utility library to help design production ready tables within Plasmic Studio. It’s built on top of react-table library and aiming to support all of the features it provides.

What’s Done

  1. Custom Styling
  2. Cell level custom component
  3. Column Filtering
    a. Support for Custom UI elements ( inputs, select ) can custom sytling
  4. Pagination
    a. Support for Custom UI elements for actions like ( goto first, prev, next and last page )
    b. Support for Custom UI for Pagination info e.g displaying “Showing 1 of 10” etc
  5. Default table is provided with dummy data to speed up designing. Data and columns can be changed by utilizing columns/data prop.
    Features under Development
  6. Sorting
  7. Row Selection
  8. Row level Actions
  9. Bulk Action on selected rows
  10. Finally, an interface to connect it with backend API.
    Missing points in the sample video
  11. Columns prop: receives a column configuration through a json. It’s similar api that’s provided by react-table library
  12. Data prop: receives the actual data to be rendered. It’s similar api that’s provided in react-table.
    The package is private at the moment. It will be released once the missing features are done.

I would love to hear your feedback on this and would like you to share your current workflow with designing tables.

  1. How do you design Tables currently and how easy is it to connect with real data?
  2. What’s the most important feature that you find it difficult while developing Tables?
  3. How do you add pagination, filtering and sorting etc?
    A sample preview for existing features is attached below. PFA.


Wow, truly next level!!


Now I wish I had a use for a table component

Hi @zonal_mammal. I’m actually working on a table for a project right now

Hi @glorious_lynx,
Unfortunately, I haven’t completed this library. I didn’t published it back then, because it was a bit complex from user point of view.
It requires some modification as per the new plasmic features to make it more usable.

I will consider that in the upcoming days to see if I can publish a video for react-table library integration with Plasmic. If you have any other preferences for table library let me know so I can consider that maybe.

Also, I would like to know your usecase. If it’s achievable through the existing library, I have developed so far. I will let you know and share a video accordingly.

Thanks for the heads up Asim.
My use case is a medium complexity table, still working on the layout at the moment (see screenshot attached).