Getting an error duplicating Select component

Happy Friday y’all!

I made a duplicate of the plasmic Select component (which renames automatically to Select 2) and attempted to rename it to something else, but got this error:


Also are there docs on how this element works? I don’t see a hidden <select> element actually get generated with this, so there’s no actual form data.

Hello @allied_guanaco! We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix for it!

Great, thanks @icaro! Do you have a sense of when it will be rolled out?

(that will inform whether I use my custom solution for this or wait for the fix)

oh wait - are you fixing the renaming issue? Or the form data one

The renaming issue

I didn’t understand the form data issue

Is the select not working on preview?

So if I use the Select component in a form and submit the form, there’s no actual form data coming through for the select. When I inspect the generated HTML, there’s no hidden form field generated for the Select, which would explain why I’m getting no form data.

Although right now the whole form stopped sending data, so I’m going to double check that something else isn’t wrong

But I have experienced this with Select specifically

K confirmed the Select isn’t submitting data.

I overrode this form’s onSubmit in a code component, and added a breakpoint.

The other fields are present in the FormData object, but the select is not.

Is the form you’re using a code component? Or just a ?

It’s both - the design is in a plasmic component, and I have a code component that adds the event handler to it.

via PlasmicComponent

hmm I do see the select value in form data; you can try out this form in live view:

You should find the select element like here

(we’re working on a fix for the renaming bug)

Thanks - hmm that link is loading a white screen for me

loaded eventually