Is there a way to get analytics tracking script in the header?

It’s there a way to get an analytics tracking script in the header? Can’t seem to work it out

This depends on your specific framework but if you wanted to add say GA to next js:

Ok. And if I am using next but not syncing with github etc. Is it still possible?

Yes, you don’t need to sync plasmic with GitHub directly

Ok. Sorry. Utter noob. I need to use a script in the of every page. Is there a way to do that using the plasmic UI? I tried but couldn’t see a way.

I’m not using GA for my analytics.

No, usually things that are sitewide changes are added outside of plasmic at your framework level, so you would be editing your global layout _app.tsx

Sorry Yang. I’m baffled as to what I need to do here.
Can you explain for someone with a no-code background? I’m technically minded, but not used next before.
How do I edit the global layout in _app.tsx?

Dont worry @yang.

Did the research and sorted it.
I think adding a script using Next+Plasmic tutorial is a must have. (Might mean more support tickets in the short term, but it’s fundamental, yet not trivial for no-code types).
Just giving feedback