Self-hosting a Gatsby Plasmic project.

how can I self host a the gatsby plasmic project? I’ve followed the instructions and configured my project with my domain + path, but it does not reload with plasmic studio

Do you mean you went through the setup instructions for registering code components/setting up an app host? When you say it’s not reloading, what are you seeing? Are you trying with a local host URL? And, are you pointing at /plasmic-host?

thanks for replying Yang, I think I configured the plasmic host outside of my actual project - setting it up within my actual codebase now

Alright, still not working. Here’s where I’m at now:

  1. I added /plasmic-host to my gatsby site following the instructions for existing repos here:
  2. I set []( to be the configured app-host.
  3. I still get the screen below:

^ @yang for the notif

ah, just kidding! I guess my understanding of ‘plasmic-host’ was off. I read it like it would reload the page I was on, instead of the plasmic project itself.

All is good, I see my registered component :slightly_smiling_face:

@yang is there anything diff to do with a localhost URL? I’m now trying to get a dev project up so we can test components in Plasmic, but not affect the prod environment.

Getting this screen, that the project can’t find the localhost URL

figured it out again, sorry for the noise. This thread on using localhost helped, I used Brave first, which by defauly disallowed localhost.

I’m all set now for this stuff, but might be worth updating the docs for slow pokes like me :slightly_smiling_face: 2 things that would have saved me/will save someone a lot of time:

  1. explicitly saying the project within Plasmic will reload, and any registered components will appear at the bottom of the ‘Components’ section. Or maybe an in-Plasmic notification that the app host is recognized?
  2. a note that some browsers, like Brave, will block accessing localhost.

Thanks for sharing these notes!